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Welcome to the Department of Management Information Systems in the modern academy.

The MIS program provides the information needed to effectively manage organizations because it involves:

1.     Technology

2.     Information  

3.     People

It is important to realize that while all three resources are key components when studying MIS but the most important resource is people.

The management information systems as a subset of the internal control procedures overall in the business, which covers the demand of the people, documents, techniques and procedures used by management accountants to solve business problems such as costing a product and service or business wide strategy.

Management information systems differ from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in the operational activities of the organization.

Academically, this term is commonly used to refer to a range of information management techniques associated with automated or support of human decision-making process, for example, decision support systems, expert systems and executive information systems. Also we have a program continues to offer a great deal for students.


If you're ready for the challenge, fast-paced, stimulating career with extraordinary opportunities, please explore our program and come join us.

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The program vision is to achieve excellence in the field of management information systems to prepare a graduate capable for competing locally, regionally and up to the international level within educational quality frame.
The program is committed to provide updated educational services that match the standards of the quality of education, in order to prepare a distinguished graduate having the ability to compete in the field of management information systems, conduct advanced scientific researches and provide effective services to the society and surrounding environment.
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